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Lines of the Hidden Valley

The Senza Regole trip to Sardinia in 2012 had started something. We promised to ourselves that each year the team would undertake a new highlining project to some corner of the earth. However, the 7 months following had been testing on many of us both personally and as a group for a variety of reasons. […]

Senza Regole

A highline project in a remote part of the Sardinian coastline dreamed up by Pedro Pimentel. With only one other qualified sailor on board I was invited go along to aid the crew get safely to Cala Goloritzè and help document the trip.

A Special Gravity

365 days on and I’m back in Alps. It was New Years Eve, the sun was shining and the wind slept. “Perfect conditions” Alastair said excitedly, “I’ll be there in 45 minutes”. He arrived in his van, collecting me from a small town in the French Alps where I had been ski touring a few […]


By no means my day job, this site is a personal record for adventure photography and expeditions. The purpose behind this site is to showcase the various excursions I have been lucky enough to join and act as a point of contact for other expeditions, research studies and mountaineers should they need help documenting their trip.

I do not charge for what I do but I do ask to be treated like a valued member of the team. Please see the About page for key technical skills & experience and if you have a trip you think might be of interest then please get in touch.

I look forward to hearing all about it!

Tim Good


A truly real place

Within seconds of parking up Scott was donning his flowery pink all-in-one thermal caving suit. Dean and Ian seemed obliviously to the fact but I couldn’t help raise an eyebrow. Here was an underground explorer on the cutting edge of his game, a very dangerous game at that, and it didn’t seem to cross his […]